Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dumb Discussions with Dell

Silly me to think that Dell could answer a basic question about its own product via its "Chat with an Agent" website feature. Here's my chat transcript. Thoughts?

22:48:03 System
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
22:48:03 System
Connected with BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn

22:48:13 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn
Welcome to Dell's Sales Chat! I hope you are doing well and thank you for waiting. My name is Hermelyn and I will be your personal sales agent today. There are instances where chats get disconnected (we don’t disconnect you on purpose). Feel free to email me at or leave me a message at 1-800-379-3355 ext. 2160085, from 8AM CST – 12 CST. How may I help you with your purchase today?

22:48:38 Steve Shabino
I have a question about adding a SSD as a 2nd drive in a Studio 17

22:49:07 Steve Shabino
If I order a model with a single drive, can I add a 2nd myself? Do I need to buy anything else (a chassis, etc.)

22:49:33 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn
you would need to buy only an external hard drive

22:49:56 Steve Shabino
So, what's different about the Studio 17 machines that ship w/ 2 drives?

22:52:03 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn
how many GBs will you be needing for the hard drive? you may have the option to choose 500GB, 600Gb and 1TB

22:52:41 Steve Shabino
The point for me isn't so much size as speed. 7200RPM is absurdly slow compared to an i3 w/ 1066 bus speed

22:53:26 Steve Shabino
However, I'd like to have some slower disk available for media space. So, a small SSD w/ a 2nd mechanical drive seems like a good option

22:53:49 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn
let me check

22:55:08 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn
I am sorry but there are no available options for an SSD for the laptop of your choice

22:55:38 Steve Shabino
I understand that. What I want to know is whether I can add a 2nd drive myself to a Studio 17 if I purchase it with only a single drive

22:56:04 Steve Shabino
What is different about the machine as configured w/ 2 drives from Dell other than the existence of the 2nd drive?

22:58:23 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn
i see... you mean, you want to overclock your laptop?

23:00:45 Steve Shabino
No. It is my understanding from the available configuration options that the Studio 17 can hold two 2.5" SATA drives. As a buyer, I have the option of buying it with either one or two drives. Given that Dell does not sell this model with an SSD and I want one, an option seems to be for me to purchase the laptop with only one of these drive bays filled and add an SSD (that I purchase elsewhere) myself.

23:01:30 Steve Shabino
My question is whether there is anything else different about a Studio 17 that only ships with a single drive. Does it contain the second bay? Must I purchase some sort of tray to hold the 2nd drive? [I'm ok w/ that]

23:03:09 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn
there is no extra bay for it

23:03:35 Steve Shabino
So, where does the 2nd drive go when one purchases the Studio 17 w/ 2 320G drives?

23:05:59 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn
you have to choose the 640G (2 x 320B) Dual SATA Hard Drive (7200rpm)

23:06:54 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn
you must click on the Hard drive icon and choose the 640G (2 x 320B) Dual SATA Hard Drive (7200rpm)

23:08:36 Steve Shabino
I understand that I have the option of ordering this laptop with two hard drives. However, you have not answered my specific question. Is there any technical reason that one can not add a 2nd drive to a Studio 17 which shipped with a single drive? Does it contain an empty drive bay?

23:09:14 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn
we do not have an extra bay for the laptop

23:09:42 Steve Shabino
Then, how do you sell the same model with two drives? Surely there must be two, 2.5" drive bays in that model?

23:13:14 BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn

23:15:19 System
BE_PR2_Rep_Hermelyn has left this session!

23:15:19 System
The session has ended!

Hermelyn "hung up" on me! How dare I ask Dell a question and expect an answer?


Unknown said...

Sounds like Hermelyn was perhaps a janitor passing by an empty support desk and thought "I bet I could do that" so s/he tried it.

Anonymous said...

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